Reading has always been a habit of great leaders. It’s one of the most powerful sources of growth, inspiration and new ideas. Reading is a great investment in your personal development.
This doesn’t need to apply only to young businesspeople, though. It can be even more important for seasoned employees; leaders must be readers. Reading and learning from peers within, and outside of, your industry enables you to grow as an employee, business owner, and leader in three distinct ways.
“The best leaders are readers of people. They have the intuitive ability to understand others by discerning how they feel and recognizing what they sense.”
Reading can also make you more effective in leading others. Reading increases verbal intelligence (PDF), making a leader a more adept and articulate communicator. Reading novels can improve empathy and understanding of social cues, allowing a leader to better work with and understand others — traits that author Anne Kreamer persuasively linked to increased organizational effectiveness, and to pay raises and promotions for the leaders who possessed these qualities. And any business person understands that heightened emotional intelligence will improve his or her leadership and management ability.You can have Reading habits to , below steps can help to achive reading habbits
1. Carry your book(s) everywhere. There’s always an opportunity to read. Maybe at the DMV or before a business meeting. Whenever you have a moment, you can break out your book and read. Especially if you like to read digital versions. I still prefer hard copy.
“Never Trust a Person who carries Book with him”  this is a good Quote right…? as when we talk to peoples we don’t know what type of person is unless they shows us their knowledge. So always carry a book and don’t just carry also read it, seeing a book will encourage to read it.
2. Keep a list. There’s a sense of fulfillment and motivation tracking the books you’ve read. You’ll always be able to reference the list or provide recommendations, and will be inspired by the compounding effect reading has. always have a target to read minimum ages through the day either say  10-15 pages this will help to push yourself from 10 to 20, 30 ….. and so on.
3. Read multiple books. This strategy works well for me. I like to have different books in different areas of my living quarters. Also, reading multiple books at once helps keep my mind and thoughts fresh. I get bored easily, so I like to keep on my toes however I can.

if you are new reader then always start with story teller like Harry Potter series.
4. Try a brand new way of reading. Is there still room for innovation in reading? A couple of new reading tools say yes.Spritz and Blinkist take unique approaches to helping you read more—one helps you read faster and the other helps you digest books quicker.
5. Buy an e-reader. In the Pew research study that showed peoples reading habits, Pew also noted that the average reader of e-books reads 24 books in a year, compared to a person without an e-reader who reads an average of 15.Could you really read nine more books a year just by purchasing an e-reader?Certainly the technology is intended to be easy-to-use, portable, and convenient. Those factors alone could make it easier to spend more time reading when you have a spare minute. Those spare minutes might not add up to nine books a year, but it’ll still be time well spent.
6. Change your mindset. To the successful, a dream isn’t achieved by deliberating how to reach it, but rather it’s a specific, well-conceived desire that always happens. You can do this today by turning your reading habits into specific, time-sensitive goals, and placing them on the top of your priority list every day.

Maybe we can’t all read 500 pages a day like Warren Buffet, or finish 50 books a year like Bill Gates. But you can commit to using these tips to read more books this year, improve your ability to absorb information, and benefit from scientific advantages that reading can bring.

If you have any more tips on reading habits, share them with me or leave a comment!

One thought on “Books make DIFFERENCE

  1. I agree with most of this! (I read a lot slower on an e-reader, so I’m a bit skeptical about that statistic.) I especially agree with #3 about multiple books – it’s easier to stay motivated to keep reading if you can take a break from a book that you’re not enjoying very much and come back to it later, while being able to move on to another book you’re more interested in. Great post!


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