This book is written by Robin Sharma, almost 20 years ago and its first publication was in 1997. Robin Sharma is considered as one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world.
I know not much will think this true here it is, you sure trust Wikipedia

The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, is considered one of the best selling books for self-motivation and awakening about once own life..!!


It is always a goal of any human being of being happy with their own lives, the same follows me too. I choose this book for this same reason finding happiness in daily aspects of our life, daily routines, daily problems, self-respect, taking care our own EGO, learning what other person want to say, etc, etc.

but after reading this book I realized the problem is not with other people but ME. It was my attitude that made me look at the world in a problematic way. now I want to share few things learned from this book that may help to find your Inner peace.

1) Train & Cultivate your MIND 
Many of our life moments depend on how we see this world, the thing we feel, things we love, things we like to do are all controlled by your mind, NOT YOUR HEART.  The first step towards success is finding the things you love to do and diverting all the energies towards that goal because that will provide you inner happiness and you will feel always surrounded by happiness. Negativity will destroy all your positive aspects, but think about this How will you find negativity in things you love to do…?? no options right ?? because you are diverting all positive energy in doing things that you love.
Mastering your mind means seeing setbacks as opportunities. By envisioning your dreams, you give your mind the power to cultivate it and make it a reality.

2) The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose
In his book author mentions about the lawyer who became a monk and he learned this from place know as sivana, there were some definite steps to be taken care of to form a daily habit. Everyone would be familiar with the power of practicing a thing for 21 days…!!! yeah, it’s true if you want to input new habit in your life practice it for 21 days at the same time at the same place, after 21 days your mind will make it as a daily routine. But the habit should be of a GOOD and HEALTHY habit. You reap what you sow, If you keep on practicing bad habit, your mind will make it a Daily Routine.

So here are action steps from the Sages of Sivana to ensure your goal is as attainable as you believe it to be:

Create a clear mental picture of your treasure trove or end goal;
Give yourself some positive pressure so you don’t slip back into your bad habits and self-doubts;
Write a goal-contract with yourself and include a timeline;
Build your habit by taking a brave step every day towards achieving it. Remember: Baby steps are still steps;
Laugh along the way because a day without laughter or a day without love is a day without life.

3) Live With Discipline
Discipline is the only way to Success. Discipline has helped many great leaders to give them a reason why they are called Leaders, leaders are not born leaders, they have worked on themselves so hard, to push themselves no matter what and follow a routine which will ultimately give them success. this only happens when once have mastered their mind and follow their Discipline. It takes courage to nurture self-discipline because it’s not easy.
This book has a strong mantra which will help to control your daily habits.
We’re all the more tempted and distracted today by the noises our devices make and the people we interact with on a daily basis. Here’s an exercise from the book you can apply to your life immediately.

Repeat the mantra below and take a vow of silence for the entire day where you only speak to respond to a direct question:

“I am more than I appear to be.
All the world’s strength and power rest inside me.”

4) Respect Your Time
There is a saying TIME IS MONEY, in other words, Time is some things which no human can control. I was listening to one speech in which I heard a saying, “What You do and what you become depends on how you use your TIME, the BILLIONAIRE and BEGGAR both same 24hours a day, it all depends on them how they use their TIME “ most of the people run for money which ultimately separates them from their family and friends. It does not mean you don’t have to work for money, but these means there should be a difference between both, and you need to figure out that difference before its too late. You need to learn to say NO to the less important things than your friends and family. Giving your Time and Attention is the only thing required in any special Relationship, it could be Parents, loved ones, relatives, etc.
Sacrifice time spent with loved ones now and give them everything money can buy? Or sacrifice the promise of comfort, in favor of spending time with them now.

5) Practice Daily Acts Of Kindness
Kindness it’s the simple way to express your love or who you really are..!! Making someone Smile, saying Thanks to friends and colleague for small works as appreciations..!! these small things when done daily it leads you to very different level even from other people point of view.
Expressing gratitude daily plants the seed within yourself that each day is sacred. The richer the relationship you build around you, the more abundance comes your way.
Because in life, your time and energy are the two valuable resources you could offer to anyone.

Once in a life do yourself a favor and read this Book. I hope it will help you find your inner self-more positively. I wish you all a great success ahead and you live your life with meaning. Like & comments, please.

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